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5: Galaxy ( nothing to add here ╮(─▽─)╭ )
16th June till 19th June

read about the rules and upcoming themes here:

you can submit yur deviations into the folder: "group challenge"

submit your entries in the comments. people who finish this challenge will get featured :-D

Add new entries to the comments like:
"theme#: #######

add yor entry here"

ask questions here:…


also, submit themes. the first ones are pretty big themes so i want to split them up more feel free to add ideas :la:

edid: please write in the title "100 adoptable challenge"
this is important for accepting your deviation in the "group challenge" folder, if not we'll decline the deviation, it just takes too much time to check every single deviation...!!! :la:
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:iconhoneycat-clan: Honeycat-Clan :iconnebulas-adopt-shop: Nebulas-Adopt-Shop 🌟 Welcome! 🌟 :iconadoptables-4-every1: Adoptables-4-every1 :iconall-original-ocs: All-Original-OCs The best of your imagination :iconadopts-contests: Adopts-Contests Adopts for everyone! :iconmore-adoptables: More-Adoptables More adopts = more happy people! :iconrubber-duck-adopts: Rubber-Duck-Adopts Squeaky Clean Adopts! :iconadoptrehome: AdoptReHome Reselling your adopts! :iconcrispywaffies-adopts: CrispyWaffIes-Adopts :icontotes-adopts: Totes-Adopts A place for Unity <3 :iconworldwide-adoptables: Worldwide-Adoptables Adopts from all over the place! :iconadoptsoup: AdoptSoup Yummy Adopts from A to Z! :iconpeekyu-pub: Peekyu-Pub :icontheroonursery: theroonursery :iconneed-a-home-adopts: Need-a-Home-Adopts Adoptable For Every One! <333 :iconfleeceling-farm: Fleeceling-Farm :iconflying-adopts: Flying-Adopts dead :iconavid-adoptables: Avid-Adoptables :icongrade-a-adoptables: Grade-A-Adoptables :iconcommissions-spanish: Commissions-Spanish :icondarknreminc: DarknRemInc :iconerbynns-lions: erbynns-lions :iconunpopularadoptmakers: UnpopularAdoptMakers :iconadopting-hope: Adopting-Hope :iconpoint-freeadopts: point-freeadopts :iconadoptableshouse: AdoptablesHouse :iconadoptable-network: Adoptable-Network :iconshareyouradopts: ShareYourAdopts Adoptables for everyone :icongrand-adoptables: Grand-Adoptables Maybe a place for your Adopt? ;) :iconadoptables-center: Adoptables-Center Buy and Sell now!


behaviour in the group
- be nice and friendly
- don't use bad words
- you can advertise adoptables in the comments
- journals belong in the folder "journals"!
- report rude people

gallery rules
- you can submit 1 devilation to featured very week
- you can submit to all other folders as much as you want
- submit to the right folder! ( if not I will move your devilation to the right folder or delete if from the group )
- don´t steal adoptables from other people
- if you use bases or lineart you have to name the artist in your describtion

also: please tell me when folders are full.

if you have problems with something come to us, we'll try our best to help you!


Gallery Folders

[OPEN] Momoko Adopt Auction by antropix
Adoptables 1 Open,2 Taken by sIeight-of-hand
Bat OTA #23 OPEN by SisAphe
Pegasus and Pony ADOPT| Paypal and Points | OPEN! by xKittyblue
adoptable challenge
canine adopts OTA OPEN by ArtiHindix
Corgi OTA by ParagonChristian
spooky adopt - 40 points - closed by DorkyAF
[CLOSED TY] Adoptable 1 Month Challenge - DAY 5 by Puri-Chan-Adopty
Species sheets
Astriferi Ref Sheet (closed species) by Hanadoodles
Adopt Set OPEN by Bunchuu
(TW) Catpanion Connection Eye Guide by Adopt-From-Frog
Custom auction closed by Amiliyah-adopts
YCH Headshot -OPEN- by acidraincloud
Ych Goretober by SALTY-DADDY
Goretober | Decapitation by crow-ashes
[YCH] Pumpkin Candy| OPEN 2/2 by AnnaBurritto
raffle adoptables
raffle- open  test design 1 by Shelilla
Adoptable FREE RAFFLE (OPEN) by Adrii-Art
Raffle #1 by Misakkie
draw to adopt
DTA - Kitsukoun Heaven and Hell by anti-social-media
[OPEN] AUCTION ADOPT #1 : Cats + Rabbits + Bears by qlossom
Open Adopts || Lion Cubs || 1/10 by Weedo--Chan
Genie  Maxy DTA FREE USE OF COLORS by KrystalGroveGaming
name your price - offer to adopt points
Aesthetic Adopt 2 by Oddity-of-Masquerade
[open] Spring Chibi auction by CMYKidd
Sky of Stars Adopt (CLOSED) by BellaWolver
.:OTA - OPEN:. beardog things by ST0NEDRAINBOWG0ATBUT
point action
Halloween Spookbeasts -Open- by KemetWitch
OPEN AUCTION by adoctopus
Zebra Design Auction - 3/4 OPEN by ChrizSplash
50 points or less
Celestial Egg Adoptable - 10 points by LadyLancaeron
Adopts #9_Ate my heart (OPEN 4/8) by Nutty-Adopts
Unused OC Adopts - Batch 1 by AokoAnegasaki
Creepy chibi adoptables auction [OPEN] by TuttiDaJester98
50-100 points
New Kind Of Centars (Open) by blazeycrazy
Adoptable ((OPEN)) by LiviaHana
black eyed adopts by weirdkj
Auction Halloween Cat Adopt 2016 #2: Glitch CLOSED by TeamUmbreon
100-200 points
adopts (open) by sbooky
collab adopts - OPEN (2/4) by shrimp-adopts
Adopt (Closed!) BUY ME! by Spice-Twinkle-Pop
Sleepy Batch - 100pt EACH [#2, #3 OPEN] by Adoptella
500 - 1000 points
Viverridae Delivery Man Auction [OPEN] by LewisBlack
Sweet Silence Regnant Auction [OPEN] by Feravyne
[OPEN] Auction by justmoreadopts
Canine Adopt Batch#3 (2/2 OPEN) Sep16 by ElectraStreak
1000 points or more
OPEN AUCTION  Rabbit Adoptable by Orarin
ALBINO MALE ADOPT 110 [ Auction ] [ OPEN ] by GattoAdopts
Canine Anthro Adoptable - Open by Xevithro
Auction Halloween special adopts! OPEN by little-mr-demon
name your price - offer to adopt money
Halloween Adopts Part 1 (OPEN) by limsungah
Selling Character (Tons of art included!) by ferret46
[AUCTION] Sakura Liliax [OPEN] by TaigaNoTengoku
[3/3 open] Chibi OTA by xVivido
money auction
[Open] Rose Girl Adoptable by magicinthedark
Adoptable - Halloween I [Closed] by Flopky
500 watchers special adopt!  Auction Adopt (Open) by DoYouKnowJuice
CLOSEDHalloween JRs - Guest Auction by Fosbat
1$ or less
Feline adoptables :OPEN: by Asteradopts
Lion adopts 50 cents. by JustHereIgnoreMe
Boy with dog Adopt PAYPAL ONLY [OPEN] by Tigey-Adoptables
|1 POINT SB |AUCTION| Reverse Wonderland |CLOSED| by Proud-Delle
(5/8 open) Lil Spook adoptables by PixiAdopts
Auction # 12 OPEN by DarkmoonTheArtist
Blue Quartz Adopt {Open} by CookieCat-Adopts
Blue Mouse Adoptable (OPEN) by Ginginati
OPEN Plush EE 1 (3USD) by chulipup
+ [OPEN BATCH] Aight let's go + by chikaetchiko
Pearl Adopts Clearout by isosceles-isis
[AUCTION] Sakura Liliax [OPEN] by xXTWlNNlESXx
Adoptable [OPEN] by Yoscelin
[3/3 Open] Auction kawaii Adopt Outfit by YuiChi-tyan
A d o p #1 [Auction OPEN] lower price! by lan-Go
87 Adopts for Sale - $1.5 to $40 (open) by DesireDarkly
[Adopts] Bird's Paradise (OPEN) by Akira-Misaki
Mint Delight Adopt Auction [[OPEN]] by Omega-Fluff
.:OPEN:. Adopt AUCTION ends oct 7th by Cayshax
WITCH ADOPTABLE #4 [OPEN / Paypal only] by ShounenRaccoon
[OPEN 5/6] PayPal Gem Adopts II by bPAVLICA
Adoptable 17 [OPEN] by Lil-Pandaa
Diantha Adoptable + Chibi - OPEN by Karijn-s-Basement
[For Sale] [OPEN] Seviro The Feather Shark by Solar-Paragon
Sharkdog adopt  OPEN by Silhouett3s
[OPEN][No.13] Adoptable set prices by oOoCheeroOo
Cheerafirion (closed) by Furrirama
bases - F2U
Furvilla Chinchilla Base Edit F2U by fralea
[F2U] Adopt and Chibi Base by Hada-SKYHELL
Autumn Adopt [CLOSED] by Purin-pyon
Free Kitten Base by foxlett
lineart - F2U
Raptor Dinosaur - Free Lineart + Adopt Base by Chibivi-Linearts
F2U Puppy Adoptable Lineart by SolarFlipAdoptables
[F2U] - Dog With Bone Squeaky **READ FIRST** by jujipup
Panda Chibi - free lineart + adopt base by Chibivi-Linearts
bases - P2U
5 Slot Canine YCH! (OPEN 5/5) by lDubbbz
Fluffy Monster P2U Lineart by TheAphelius
[P2U] Cat Base | With Tails, Ears and Accessories by DiamondDust-DA
P2U Base 1 by hana-adoptables
Adopt Us Now- Group Icon by L-Master-of-Disaster
2 by Cal-Adopts
1 by Cal-Adopts
Group theme June and July 2014
Summer themed sheep adopt by SilverAdopting
point auction - CLOSED
.:Random Dog Adopt- Auction|CLOSED|:. by WandaKinkay
MLP point auctions - OPEN - SB 120 or 150 points by Aqua-Adopts22
Gelatini Auction //CLOSED// by Ball00n-Cafe
CLOSED: Emerald Birthstone Adopt by xBeautifulDreamerx

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nipkips Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Traditional Artist
this user spotsnstripesadopts.deviantart… is stealing art/characters and selling them. ((I learn this from here… ))
Signed-with-a-Star Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
spotsnstripesadopts.deviantart… is posting stolen adopt to the group
jacindaadams Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
I believe i accidently put my adopt in the 1000 points or more. XC

I am sorry about that. XC
OKtiger Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This cuties need a home!~ 
Maril Pokemon Gijinka {OPEN} by OKtiger Price reduced Adopt Mix (OPEN 3/5) by OKtiger
thank you for your time~ 
PriGu Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Kawaii La TOYHOU.SE CODE OTAKawaii La 

Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] 5 POINT ADOPTABLES Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4]   
kovu0725 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2016
HEY GUYS! just letting u know, im having an adoption special. theres a journal on my page with all the images of the adoptables on special. i wanna get rid of them so go check them out! there will be more being added to that journal so keep ur eyes and ears open for more specials.(im part of this group but theres to many to upload)…
SolarFlipAdoptables Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2016  New Deviant Hobbyist Filmographer
Need to sell these doggos >w<
NejiShadow2051 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Requesting a dual payment folder! =D
Also asking about your submission policy, it says we can submit as many as we wish to the non-feature folders, but it only lets me submit once every week. I only have two I wish to submit.
I have also noted you about the folders being full and such. Do you guys need more admins? We could probably rustle some up for you
mariopaintcomposer Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2016  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
50 points or less folder is full! Also, you should have a dual payment folder, for adopts where like, you can pay one way OR another way.
craimutt Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm selling al old adopts  and believe me, there are tons of left. I made most OTA and if even 100:points: 
It is kind of urgent to get the points right now, but at least view and sharing is greatly appreciated.... I made promises for gifts. 
It would be amazing. And if something is priced high, just ask me about the price! i am willing to bargain!!
I'm broke from my goal, help ( 0/4000)Sooo, I need at least a month core to Chugummi-san and 6 moth at least to Grinling-Aer 
So I need to collect some points. "Then why 4000??" well because I need core to a group as well, so yeah.. Not the top priority, but hey, I still want it cuz I can.
Now. Check these old adopts no one wanted and I wante them OUT OF MY HOUSE: Jk jk, but srsly take em off my shoulders. (Of the price is ridiculous, comment to the deviation and ask about it. I will probably change it)

If interested, I have my CS adopts and CHEAP customs open!!

Grinling Auction- Millany [OPEN] by craimutt Grinling Customs 500pts(4 Slots left) by craimutt

The species group: :icongrinlinggang:
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